Dear Ary,

It is almost a case of the good, the bad and the ugly. Many good things have happened there, which cannot be denied. But then there were quite a number of people who were disillusioned by what they experienced there, to the extent of even warning other people against corrupt practices.

    A theological concern that I have about their ministry is the strong focus on kingdom theology. They also try to reform the present evil world in an effort to realise the kingdom of God before the Second Coming of Christ. That is a futile exercise. Our only focus should be the saving and sanctification of souls. Even in this regard they are sometimes faltering by imposing a very strict, outward form of godliness on people, which does not always lead to an inner, spiritual experience of holiness. That is false pretence.

    On the positive side, theologically, they do take a strong stand against liberal theologians who reject the virgin birth and deity of Jesus. But that is not always a guarantee of the correct orientation on other issues. 


                    Johan Malan